All your files, quickly and easily.

Tired of looking for your pictures and songs in a million folders?

Feeling like you've lost control of your files?

$ tagsistant ~/myfiles

1. Mount Tagsistant!

Just tell Tagsistant the name of the directory you want it to use, for example myfiles/ in your home.

$ mkdir ~/myfiles/tags/startrek
$ mkdir ~/myfiles/tags/starwars
$ mkdir ~/myfiles/tags/scifi

2. Create your tags!

Think to directories under tags/ as white stickers you write something on top. Create as many tags as you need, ready to mark your files.

$ cp first_contact.avi ~/myfiles/tags/startrek/@
$ cp the_return_of_the_jedi.avi ~/myfiles/tags/starwars/@

3. Tag your files!

Just copy your files inside your tags/ directories. Files get tagged by the directory they are copied in.

$ ls ~/myfiles/tags/startrek/@
$ ls ~/myfiles/tags/startrek/+/starwars/@

4. Look for your files!

Compose your search query by choosing as many tags you desire. You can even combine the results of more than one query by placing a +/ in between, like in startrek/+/starwars/ which merges the files tagged startrek with the files tagged starwars.

$ mkdir ~/myfiles/relations/scifi/includes/startrek
$ ls ~/myfiles/tags/scifi/@
$ mkdir ~/myfiles/relations/scifi/includes/starwars
$ ls ~/myfiles/tags/scifi/@

5. Connect the tags by relations!

Tagsistant understands two relations: includes and is_equivalent. If a tag A includes a tag B, as soon as a file is tagged as B, it can be found inside A as well. If A is equivalent B, then all the files in A are available in B and vice versa.

That's Tagsistant, the semantic filesystem for Linux which turns directories into tags and lets you search your files by tags.

And there's even more! With Tagsistant you can tag entire directories:

$ cp -R ~/Photos/London ~/myfiles/tags/photos/@
$ ls -l ~/myfiles/tags/photos/@/
$ ls -l ~/myfiles/tags/photos/@/London/
-rw-------  1 tx0 tx0 2.3M Sep 28  2009 bridge.jpg
-rw-------  1 tx0 tx0 3.0M Aug 30  2011 trafalgar_square.jpg
[ ... ]

Curious about Tagsistant? Well, read an introduction on version 0.8, then download it from Subversion.

Autotagging plugins

Tagistant can be expanded by third parties plugins able to tag specific MIME type of files. Current distribution includes experimental HTML and JPEG plugins.


If you copy the same file twice, Tagsistant will notice this and delete the second copy, adding its tag set to the first copy.

Access your files

The archive/ directory contains all your files and directories, directly accessible without any query.