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Now let's take a look inside the archive/ directory:

$ ls ~/myfiles/archive/

The numbers you see at the beginning of each file are called tagsistant inodes and are a unique identifier Tagsistant applies to each file it manages. This is nothing you should care about since inodes are visible just inside the archive/ directory, but with one important exception. If two different files, copied inside two or more different tags, have the same name (such as avatar.jpg), Tagsistant will apply the inode in front of both of them when it must list both as the result of one single search, like in:

$ cp ~/myblog/avatar.jpg ~/myfiles/tags/blog/@
$ cp ~/movies/covers/avatar.jpg ~/myfiles/tags/pictures/@
$ ls ~/myfiles/tags/blog/+/pictures/@
[... some results ...]
[... more results ...]

This is the only way Tagsistant lets you distinguish two different files with the same name when both are selected by a query.

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